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The attraction of investments being an endogenous variable of the improvement of the business climate, the Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo continues to make considerable efforts to make its environment, an oasis of national and international investments. It is with this in mind that on 2 July 2021, the DRC Government validated the roadmap for reforms on the business climate, the implementation of which was reflected in assignments given to sectoral Ministers.
In addition to these reforms, it is also necessary to highlight the problem of governance, which the country has made it a priority, thanks to the leadership of the President, HE Félix Antoine TSHISEKEDI.

The DRC has adopted a National Strategic Development Plan (Plan National Stratégique de Développement – PNSD) to enable investors to explore new markets in promising sectors of growth.
This plan focuses on a number of sectors, including: education, infrastructure, energy, agriculture, industry, new information and communication technologies, insurance, etc., which should contribute to the diversification and resilience of the Congolese economy, the main guarantee of security against exogenous shocks.
Through the implementation of this Plan, the country intends to reach its level of development in three main phases, namely:

Become a middle-income country (1st tier) by 2030 through the transformation of agriculture.

Reach the stage of middle-income countries (2nd tier) by 2040 through the transformation of industry;

Become a high-income country by 2050 through an accumulation of knowledge. It will be about building a knowledge-based society by investing heavily in human capital accumulation and research and development.